Here at Marley’s Fashion we offer gorgeous fashion and accessories without breaking the bank. We stock beautiful labels, such as Filo, Freez, Zen Garden, JV, Whispers and so much more.

Being a sole trader I try to keep my prices low, so our turnover is always moving with new arrivals weekly, and layby is always welcome. Situated in the heart of Mary Street, next to Life Line, enjoy the walk down our beautiful main street, with curved pathways, trees, and with park benches situated in various locations.

Please call in and say hello, look for the bright and happy purple shop of Marley’s Fashion.

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sunnygirl jumpsuit

Rather, I flick through the pages checking out what those overpaid, spoilt celebrities are wearing with their perfect bodies and amazing outfits I could only dream of wearing. Celebrities who are papped “just popping to the shop in this” is my totally dressed up for the evening. Let’s face it, normal mums on-the-go who do school runs every day have to wear practical clothes and shoes and if we’re accessorising, it’s a good day – nothing else would work.

So let’s stop comparing ourselves to over-made celebs with stylists because that is la la land. We live in reality where we are the first one up, last one out the door and last to bed and throughout that entire day, none of that time was spent on us where we could look in the mirror and say… I look pretty good today.

We stay-at-home mums get a bad wrap when it comes to our fashion choices. I really want to be that person pre-kids who spent an hour in the bathroom getting ready for work, make up on trend and hair done every day. I can’t even remember when it was just me in the bathroom.

Now, I don’t want to fashion shame anyone, but sometimes, we could make just a little effort…or none. It’s completely down to the individual. Having said that, I also think we can do better than wearing tracksuit pants and ugg boots or parading around in Lorna Jane to and from school.

If you’re bored of wearing the same old shorts, t-shirts or boring clothes, check out these easy autumn fashion trends for mums. I’m inspired to try and look the best I can…or at least run a brush through my hair wearing a fancy pair of jeans. Check out these trendy autumn looks.

Khaki Khaki

1. Khaki Khaki is huge this season. It’s such a versatile colour and is being trotted out on the runways in an army pant with heels or flats. Country Road is doing a stunning khaki utility drill pant with long pockets – perfect for day casual wear.

Reference: https://www.stayathomemum.com.au/bodyandsoul/fashion/autumn-fashion-trends-for-mums-2/