Here at Marley’s Fashion we offer gorgeous fashion and accessories without breaking the bank. We stock beautiful labels, such as Filo, Freez, Zen Garden, JV, Whispers and so much more.

Being a sole trader I try to keep my prices low, so our turnover is always moving with new arrivals weekly, and layby is always welcome. Situated in the heart of Mary Street, next to Life Line, enjoy the walk down our beautiful main street, with curved pathways, trees, and with park benches situated in various locations.

Please call in and say hello, look for the bright and happy purple shop of Marley’s Fashion.

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Marley's Fashion

Now that I’m all grown up and in my (cough cough) forties (very early forties), I can soooooo understand where she was going with that. For some strange reason, as soon as women hit a certain age, fat seems to accumulate on our upper arms, giving some of us that like the odd cream bun and biscuit ‘Tuckshop lady arms’.

And people, they ain’t pretty! On top of that, most of us are also blessed with those little spots on our upper arms which are called Keratosis Pilaris. Yep, I have them, too. And I pick them (shock horror) so not only do I have tuckshop lady arms, I’ve also got pimples that I have picked. Gross. Anyway. For us ladies, who don’t want to show the cream bun and pimple-picking damage we have caused, here are summer dresses!

Tulip sleeve midi dress

Freez Floral Dress

maggie floral midi button dress